Berwick St John Country Fayre Limited

I have been involved with the Country Fayre for many years, and I am always amazed at everyones commitment and drive to put on this brilliant event.

Every time the monies raised have gone to amazing charities, that have been close to the hearts of many of the members of the Country Fayre or members of the village.

Last year the monies raised went to provide a room in the new breast cancer unit. Where people in the area will go for their mammograms.

Having recently visited this very room, and subsequently being diagnosed with breast cancer myself, I was immensely proud to tell the nurses there, that I was a small part of the team that contributed to this amazing new unit.

So here’s to next years show…I know it’s a lot of hard work!

But look at the difference we can make to the hospital staff, patients and families lives, and it does make a difference!

Who would of known, that I would be one of those thousands of patients that are going to benefit from this wonderful new unit.

Lets make 2018 as successful as the last show and raise lots of money for an incredible charity.

Amanda Sparkes